Saturday, February 20, 2016

eSport Epic Moments -Heroes of the Storm - HotS

THE MOST EPIC - Latest eSport moments

Quick cut of latest epic moments while eSporting HotS ...

eSport Combat Operator: Flipper
[HIRE: $20k/eSport Hour - 100% Money Back Garantie if NOT Top 1 Roll]
[BOUNTY: $100.000/Murky]
[LOCATION:                                 ]
[GENDER:                           ]
[DNA-AUTH:                                             -E ]
[WORKED FOR: Dr.        , OIDA, IMBA,              &            , Ragnaros,  Lich King]

Heroes in chronological order:
  • Abathur vs. Illidan - No Comments ;)
  • Kael'thas - Incoming Combat Rampage BLOCKED by massive situation appearance while finishing boss and starting counter combat sabotage ...
  • Illidan - Epic Killsteal "-5000 Ultimate Waste"
  • Lt. Morales - Legendary Combat Team Rescue "There's only ONE Morales!"
  • Murky - "Naughty Blubbbb...."
  • Kael'thas - Epic Counter Rampage with "Forest RUN - RUN Forest ... !!!!"
  • Rehgar - Bloodlust Vendetta - "Unfair - but necessary ... All for the win!" [Just UNCLASSIFIED]

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Rehgar | How to Play New Talent Tree

Rehgar - How to Play New Talents | 30-0 Epic Gameplay - HotS - Heroes of the Storm

Based on the latest balance changes to Rehgar's talent tree, the new gameplay is quiet stunning. The new Combat Engagement Abilities allows you to massively appear on the BF. Before, as the strongest heal support hero, Rehgar offers both now! The more offense combat actions in addition to shield damage the more heal supplement can be offered to the team (+dmg/dps).

Even when by skilling the main heal talent tree (Heal Ultimate ANCESTRAL HEALING) - Rehgar becomes a top Assassine - no doubt!

How to Play Rehgar HotS Hero with new talent tree - 30-0 Kill/Death Ration - Hero of the Storm - Shield Skilled IMBA offense. WP Epic Gameplay / Replay - eSport Moments

See full movie on Youtube here: Rehgar - How to Play new Talent Tree WP Gameplay

Game Data:

  • HotS Hero: Rehgar - New Talent Tree - Offense Engagement / Heal Support - Shield Power
  • Ultimate Skill: ANCESTRAL HEALING +Farseer's Blessing specialization
  • Skin: Rehgar Elite Red
  • Team Hostage Rescue: IMBA Heal (Check Stats)
  • Combat Sabotage: 100%
  • Aggro Engagement Level: 100%
  • Assassine Performance Stats: 16/14/0 (Kills/Assists/Death)
  • Team Diziplin Handling: fifty/fifty
  • Critical Subject Situation: 0%
  • eSport Field of Honor Title: Hero of the Storm
  • Counter Rampage Operations: 12% - low, based on respectful rampage OPS

Download full HotS replay here (Format: .StormReplay [627KB]): Rehgar- How to Play new Talents - eSport Heroes of the Storm

Playing Rehgar with BL (Bloodlust) ultimate talent tree - Gameplay Scene

Editorial note: "Rehgar - Like Butter!"
Rehgar Vendetta against "irritating" Butcher >> Rehgar (+Friends :) ) vs. Butcher

Rehgar - New Taltents Patch Notes

Recommendation Skilling in Yellow (see below):
  • Forward Momentum (Talent) removed
  • Spell Shield (Talent) removed
  • Healing Totem (Talent) moved from Level 1 to Level 4
    • Cooldown reduced from 60 to 30 seconds
  • The following activated Talents will now dismount Rehgar when used in Ghost Wolf form:
    • Blood for Blood
    • Cleanse
    • Healing Totem
    • Rewind

Friday, February 12, 2016

eSport is School-Subject in Norway now

"School subject: eSport" - comes TRUE!

The coming year 2016 offers the possibility to take part of eSport subject in Norway, Garnes Vidaregaande Skule (public school). Five hours per Week pure "Combat Movements" in Dota2, Counter-Strike and LoL (currently without HotS, but coming  soon for sure!!!). Good grades like the others.

For this, students can select out of the list above and pick 2 games. Petter Grahl Johnstad is planing to implement eSport like Handball or soccer as a usual sport specification and increase the optional offer of school subjects.

Subjects are:

  • Combat Movements and Analyses of single situations
  • physical part like concentration, diet and focus
  • Combat Initiative Handling

There're a lot of famous eSport folks in norway and scandinavia like 'Snute' in SCII, Denden and k0u in LoL. Looking forward for the first internationals like X-Games ...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Animated Wallpaper - Geek Desktop | Rainmeter Theme

"Philadelphia uplink successful - Welcome back Commander!" - Sound 

Epic Geek Windows Background Startsound Theme (CIA Look&Feel), wallpaper, Women Soundtrack/Voice. Funny Geek! Looks like Spaceship Enterprise HQ/Screen Desk. Think it was a Rainmeter Skin, kind of ages ago ;)

Tipps how to customize desktop in Windows 10 find here:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lt. Morales - How to play Diziplin Skill-Talents - WP HotS Gameplay - Heroes of the Storm

How to play Lt. Morales imba medic 0/15/0 during massiv combat team pressure. Best Lt.Morales Skills/Talents - full gameplay! How not to die with Morales Nr.1 focus target!

Team Heroes Lineup/Setup: Balanced
Team Red: 1x Tank, 2x Support, 2x Specialists - 16 T-Kills
Team Blue: 1x Tank, 2x Support, 2x Assassine - 3 T-Kills

Full Game Replay: Lt. Morales - WP Gameplay - HotS

Gameplay Background, Data:

  • Hero: Lt. Morales - Medic
  • Skill/Talents: Diziplin/Shield Unstoppable
  • Combat Hostage Rescue: 98%
  • Kill Ratio Morales: 0/15/0
  • Counter Combat Sabotage: 90%
  • Heal-Client Rescue: 100% WTF IMBA
  • Team Diziplin Handling: Cpt. America
  • Combat Client Operator: Flipper - OIDA
  • Total Heal/Shield Performance: 87.806 Life Juice Delivery
  • Final Score: 16:3
  • Game Time: ~ 16min
  • Game hpm (Heal per minute): ~ 5.500 hpm - 91 hps

Kael'Thas Assassin Impact | Gameplay HotS - Heroes of the Storm

What happens if you don not focus Kael'Thas consistently? Quad Kill rampage and total ownage! KT is skilled with Pyroblast Ulti, which is a pure tank killer during counter operations.

Direkt Link: Kaelthas Quad Kill combo - HotS Gameplay/Replay

Gameplay Data:

  • Hero: Kaelthas
  • Skin: Elite Red (Level 14)
  • Talents/Skills: Pyroblast
  • Combat Movement: Diziplin Standing
  • Counter Efficiency: IMBA
  • Combat Operator: Flipper, OIDA

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Li-Ming vs. Zeratul - Gameplay Talent and Damage Analyse (Dummy) - HotS - Heroes of the Storm

Li-Ming vs. Zeratul - Dummy Gameplay Tutorial - Heroes of the Storm

Scanning new HotS Li-Ming (spell, range) bombing dummy. Talent tree delivers around 1k dps and 11.000 damage in 10sec! HotS Training - Tutorial

Li-Ming Combat Strike Performance Data (CSPD):
  • Infight: 11,22 sec
  • Damage Overall: 11.142 dmg
  • Damage/Second: 990 dps

Compare the new Li-Ming (range) against Zeratul (melee) in an 10sec. (avg.) combat strike.

Scanning HotS Zeratul (AP, AS, melee) bombing dummy. Talent tree delivers around 880 dps and 8.600 damage in 10sec! HotS Training - Tutorial

Zeratul Combat Strike Performance Data (CSPD):
  • Infight: 9,77 sec
  • Damage Overall: 8.643 dmg
  • Damage/Second: 886 dps

Combat Conclusion: Zeratul=IMBA !

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Legendary Killsteal - Illidan (Elite Skin Red) performing combat sabotage

Detailed Combat Situation Analyse - HotS Training / Tutorial

Total waste of Illidan Hunter ultimate skill by doing legandary killsteal. Team mate was kind of surprised. "Don't give me that, all for the team" ;)

Following the detailed situation (by live map)

Combat Situation - Scene 1

Combat Situation - Scene 1
Lineup: Vendetta Arrangement 

Combat Situation - Scene 2
Take 2: Combat Escape Assessment

Combat Situation - Scene 3
Take 3: Casualty Placement

Combat Situation - Scene 3
Take 3: Incoming (INC) Situation (Alert - SCOM II)

And now - following the gameplay video. Enjoy!
Full movie also on Youtube: Illidan Legendary Killsteal HotS - Heroes of the Storm

Performance Data:

  • Hero: Illidan
  • Skin: Elite Red
  • Combat Movement: Snicky!
  • Teamplay: 100%
  • Hostage Rescue: 0%
  • Ultimate: Opener (First Hit)

Monday, February 1, 2016

New eSport Wallpaper 2016 - "Public Camouflage"

We're announcing the just released new eSport "Look&Feel" for 2016!

Composed with "significant statements" published at Twitter and Youtube first! Out now for downloads in big formats. Leave a comment or inquiry, so may we can plot the design to the new charity collection (t-shirts) by LeCharmeur.

Some Design-Data:

  • HD-Accessibility: "Public Camouflage"
  • First-View Hit: -STYLE POLICE-
  • Counter Sabotage Ratio: 50/50
  • Print Format Accuracy (PFA): 100%
  • Joint Rampage OP: Grand Opening

1) eSport Wallpaper "Public Camouflage" (PNG)

Download Options/Format

  1. Desktop download Format:
    1. PNG:  Download Wallpaper eSport .png (2560x1440px) [1,03 MB]
    2. JPG:   Download Wallpaper eSport .jpg  (2560x1440px) [0,62 MB]
  2. Mobile download Format:
    1. JPG:   Download Mobile Wallpaper eSport . jpg (640x360px) [97 KB]
    2. QR-Code Download: 

Scann QR-Code with your mobile phone (Scanner)

2) eSport Mousepade Possibility- Theme: "Public Camouflage" (JPG)

Check out our new eSport Collection 2016 by LeCharmeur, Munich. Send inquiry for more information. Epic Design Model Value = 100% ;) Currently Available Size/Shirts (S,M,L,XL and XXL). What are the first impressions?

Lets get the latest testimonial:

Mr. Fu - eSport Insider
Status: Classified

"Don't be style police anymore ... Behind your Teamspeak (TS)!" 
Liverpool (UK) - Feb. 2016 - Some Lower Basement - Mr.Fu

T-Shirt Lineup - 4 Shirts, 2 Colors (m/w) - eSport Summer Collection 2016 - by LeCharmeur
eSport Summer Collection 2016 | "Style Police!"

Mobile Wallpaper - eSport

Recommended eSport Video - Ingame-Action Flipper
Illidan | Epic Red Skin [HotS] - Final Rank "Hero of the Storm" - 3vs3

Enjoy! Be Excited!

03/02 - Upcoming Blizzard maintenance Down-Time Overview

!Important Notice! (Classified - Internal Use Only)

Blizzard will shot down EU-Webserver at 3. Feb. 2016 for about 4 hours (avg.) - Hearthstone 6h!
May we see new imba chars upcoming! Find all details and Live-Downtime-Countdown at Blizzards Support Website ...

Critical Patch Notes will be analysed and justifed as soon as published (est: 03-02-2016, 05:00MEZ)

Overview: EU Server - Scheduled information by Blizzard (03/02):

Estimated Downtime Schedule - EU Server - Blizzard Support